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Writing testable SharePoint code: New Zealand and Australian SharePoint Conferences

This year I was lucky enough to be invited back to present at the New Zealand and Australian SharePoint Conferences, this time on “Writing Testable SharePoint Code”. As promised in my sessions here is the slide deck and, more importantly, … Continue reading

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Whitespace: Silent Killer!

Today I went hunting in an XML file for an erroneous double space I knew was there.  I was horrified to see all those extra spaces there!!! Now this Visual Studio 2010 instance is just running the default setup with … Continue reading

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VS 2010: Missing Source Control Icons

So I’m working on a project with a number of other developers at present. However every so often when another developer adds files to source control when they are added to my local solution they appear unbound to source control … Continue reading

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Visual Web Parts for SharePoint in the Sandbox

Get ‘em while they’re hot! Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools plus a sandboxed compilation to ensure you’re not accidentally calling outside of the allowed set of types and members.

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TFS 2010: Add to security groups from outside of the current domain

If you’re a SharePoint developer like me, chances are that the dev server you’re working on is joined to a different domain from your corporate identity. Now this makes it tricky to add users to your TFS Security Groups from … Continue reading

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National SPUG Tour

So Matt Smith of the Christchurch SharePoint User Group has organised a national tour for the various SPUGs that are active here in New Zealand. I’ll be talking in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch over the space of a week. The … Continue reading

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Microsoft SharePoint Team Announces the VSeWSS version 1.2!

Excellent! Now all you SharePoint developers out there using VSeWSS who are itching to start using Visual Studio 2008 can do so :o) Read the full details in a posting the SharePoint Team Blog from Chris Johnson (another kiwi flying … Continue reading

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