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Setting up Visual Studio 2012 for SharePoint 2013

VS2012 Update 1 is great it adds the Microsoft Fakes framework for stubbing out SharePoint dependencies and other really useful tools for SharePoint development. If you’re using Visual Studio 2012 you should be using Update 1; but it doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Introducing the Cross Site Collection Search Configurator

While I was working at Intergen I was alerted to a small issue with configuring search keywords, best bets and synonyms. This simply being that they are set on a per site collection basis and there is no OOTB solution … Continue reading

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SharePoint Bookmarklets

A workmate just put me onto a great resource that Zac showed during the Tech-Ed session on Tools and techniques which he presented with Matt. These are a great set of bookmarks that work relative to your current page and … Continue reading

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Difference Disks = Win

Huge thanks to Reza Alirezaei for his series of posts on creating your own time bombed VM. After reading that I thought to myself, ‘hey, I could use that technique to keep a set of different VMs across multiple projects … Continue reading

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National SPUG Tour

So Matt Smith of the Christchurch SharePoint User Group has organised a national tour for the various SPUGs that are active here in New Zealand. I’ll be talking in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch over the space of a week. The … Continue reading

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Gah, F Lock!

I’m love my Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard it’s comfortable to use and I’m much faster and more accurate then using a regular flat keyboard. While I like some of the ‘extra features’ that the Microsoft Office keyboards have, like the … Continue reading

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Blog This in Windows Live Writer!

Ok, so I’m a Firefox fanboy and almost never use IE or Internet Exploder as I most often refer to it. I just happened to be using IE when I decided to write my last blog post about the release … Continue reading

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