VSeWSS 1.0 and solution.xml

So, I have a project that I’m still working on that is using VSeWSS 1.0 project templates.

I just got bitten by an issue I knew about from prior experience 😐

With this version VSeWSS creates a file called solution.xml in the root project folder, this appears to be used as offline storage for the settings for the Visual Studio Project that are edited through the SharePoint Solution tab in the Project Properties page i.e. it’s written to when you close the Visual Studio Solution. Cool, that seems to be a reasonable and valid approach.

The problem arrises when you put it under source control….. Now the file on disk is marked as read only. Now when you’re closing the Visual Studio Solution the file that Visual Studio is trying to write to a read only file and can’t, so the settings changes that you made are lost 😦

The work around? Simple, include the solution.xml file in the Visual Studio Project, check it out before you close the Visual Studio Solution using File > Close Solution, then check in the solution.xml file to share your changes with the rest of the team and you’re golden! 🙂

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