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It’s been a while…..

Yeah, I’ve been neglecting my blog. My last post was waaaaay back in October, while I was attending the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the conference. However I didn’t follow through on a couple of … Continue reading

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Boo-yah! @nzben to join Intergen

So, according to both Twitter and the NBR, Ben Gracewood, aka @nzben aka  that guy with the cool toys from Breakfast, is joining Intergen. I’m pretty stoked that he’ll be joining the team here and hope to lean a lot … Continue reading

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Content Migrated

Whew…. Well I couldn’t find the database backup from my old site, but I still recovered all the old posts from my old blog, all care of Internet Archive Wayback Machine! The Beta version I’ve linked too included all the … Continue reading

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Lake Louise Life

For those of you who were unaware I am now living in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada 😀 My current job is working in the Mountain Operations department for the Lake Louise Ski Area as a part of the Trail Crew … Continue reading

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Difference Disks = Win

Huge thanks to Reza Alirezaei for his series of posts on creating your own time bombed VM. After reading that I thought to myself, ‘hey, I could use that technique to keep a set of different VMs across multiple projects … Continue reading

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National SPUG Tour

So Matt Smith of the Christchurch SharePoint User Group has organised a national tour for the various SPUGs that are active here in New Zealand. I’ll be talking in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch over the space of a week. The … Continue reading

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I have been memed. How old were you when you started programming? 10 How did you get started in programming? I was a fresh faced young thing of 9 when my sister and I received a Commodore64 for Christmas. Incredibly … Continue reading

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Gah, F Lock!

I’m love my Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard it’s comfortable to use and I’m much faster and more accurate then using a regular flat keyboard. While I like some of the ‘extra features’ that the Microsoft Office keyboards have, like the … Continue reading


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SharePoint fails at collaboration?

What??? Here at Intergen we run a series of late afternoon seminars for interested parties called Intergen Twilight Seminars. Last night we had a guest speaker, one Michael Sampson his session was based on his whitepaper: The 7 Pillars of … Continue reading

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Need to resize a VHD?

I do most of my development using virtual machines now and according to all the information that I’ve seen fixed sized disks perform better, this great until like me you start to run out of space on the VM you’re … Continue reading

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