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Linux + PowerShell + AzureCLI in DevOps Pipelines

A couple of months ago I had an exchange with Donovan Brown on Twitter about using AzureCLI & PowerShell in Azure DevOps pipelines on Linux hosted agents. As is often the way I didn’t have the time to take the … Continue reading

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MVPComCamp: PowerShell Automation for Everyone

Last weekend around the world there was a global series of events hosted by Microsoft known as MVPComCamp. I was one of the people to present here in Auckland, New Zealand. I was speaking on a topic dear to me, … Continue reading

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Extracting a full list of users from SharePoint

I had an interesting ask from a customer the other day. “Can I get a report of all the users in the system along with some key pieces of data that is stored on their user profile?” Sure there are … Continue reading

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Running SharePoint Timer Jobs from PowerShell

From time to time you need to execute a given SharePoint timer job now. Sure you could go into Central Admin, find it and run it manually, but where’s the fun in that? Plus sometimes you need to automate this, … Continue reading

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Disable Mobile Redirection for a Web Application via PowerShell

So I’ve got a SharePoint site that is optimised for viewing in mobile browsers, problem is that OOTB SharePoint is trying to show the fugly “mobile view”. Now Waldek has a post about just this problem, in my case I’ve … Continue reading

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FAST Custom Refiner on Content Type

I’ve been trying to add a custom refiner to my FAST Search Centre that allows refinement by Content Type. After a quick search I found this article, Refining on Content Type in SharePoint 2010, however I know a means of … Continue reading

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Adding FAST Keywords and Best Bets via Powershell.

Reading the TechNet docs on Add, edit, remove and display keywords by using Windows PowerShell (FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint) was a little confusing. Specifically the important note about making sure that you have a Search Settings Group. When … Continue reading

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