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Azure Load Testing – First Impressions

On November 30 2021 Microsoft announced the public preview of the Azure Load Testing service, a successor to the deprecated Visual Studio Team Services/Azure DevOps Load Testing tool. I caught wind of this via Twitter while in the hotel bar … Continue reading

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Linux + PowerShell + AzureCLI in DevOps Pipelines

A couple of months ago I had an exchange with Donovan Brown on Twitter about using AzureCLI & PowerShell in Azure DevOps pipelines on Linux hosted agents. As is often the way I didn’t have the time to take the … Continue reading

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Using Azure DevOps to build your create-react-app packages

I’ve recently delved into the world of React and started using create-react-app, sometimes called CRA, to bootstrap up my project and build tool-chain. As you start to build more complex applications than HelloWorld or TODO.js sooner or later you’re going … Continue reading


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Slot switching Azure Website from VSTS

In my last post I covered off how to set up a simple release process that deploys to an Azure Website in classic mode. That process involved an explicit web deploy to each slot. What might be useful for some … Continue reading

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Minimal path to awesome–VSTS Release Management and Classic mode Azure Website

I’ve been doing a whole lot of work with Visual Studio Team Services, formerly Visual Studio Online, and making heavy us of the Release Management feature as I discussed recently on the Microsoft Cloud Show Episode 146. As this can … Continue reading

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Don’t get burned by Redis ConnectionMultiplexer; A sample wrapper

Every had a latent bug go undetected and then jump up and bite you? Yeah, not the nicest feeling. I’ve been working on a pretty interesting project that now makes use of Redis to provide a caching layer as the … Continue reading

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Try out Azure and win*

So Microsoft New Zealand have set up a sweet competition, basically try out the Windows Azure platform and you’re in with a chance to win up to $1550 worth of Prezzy Cards. One $50 daily draw and then a $500 … Continue reading

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