FAST Custom Refiner on Content Type

I’ve been trying to add a custom refiner to my FAST Search Centre that allows refinement by Content Type.

After a quick search I found this article, Refining on Content Type in SharePoint 2010, however I know a means of allowing the built-in Content Type managed property to be used as a refiner

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.FASTSearch.PowerShell
Start-SPAssignment -Global

$managedPropertyName = 'Content Type'
$managedProperty = Get-FASTSearchMetadataManagedProperty -Name $managedPropertyName

if($managedProperty -ne $null)
	Set-FASTSearchMetadataManagedProperty -Name $managedPropertyName -RefinementEnabled $true

Stop-SPAssignment -Global
Remove-PsSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
Remove-PSSnapin Microsoft.FASTSearch.PowerShell

So after running that, kicking off a full Crawl and then editing the Refiner Web Part as outlined in the Adding Search Refiners in SharePoint 2010 to add a refiner option for Content Type I was able to see refinement options based off the Content Type.

Great…. But there’s a catch….


The refiner appears to be only giving me the underlying MIME Type Sad smile

To get a useful refiner based on the SharePoint Content Type, I used the method outlined by Glyn in his article: Create a content type search refinement panel in SharePoint 2010

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8 Responses to FAST Custom Refiner on Content Type

  1. Tamlyn says:

    Hello Gavin. Not the problem I have, but nice to see your blogs hitting my search results 🙂

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  3. David says:

    Hi, appreciate this is old, but when i create a custom mapping i still get what looks like the mime type. Any ideas?

  4. dmcelroy says:

    Hi, i setup a custom mapped property but i still get the underlying mime type. Any ideas?

    • gavinbarron says:

      Hi, as I mentioned in this post using the method I outline just gives you the MIME type. You need to follow the instructions given by Glyn in the article linked at the end of the post.

  5. dmcelroy says:

    Hi Gavin, yes i followed that, created a new property, mapped it to ows_contenttype and basic:5 but it still exposing the MIME type

    • gavinbarron says:

      Hrmmm, you have your mappedpropery attribute set to the correct managedproperty and you’ve run a full crawl?
      I’d suggest only having the refiner you’re interest in the list of ‘categories’ in the xml for the refiner panel.
      Edit: you have set the managed property to “Include values from all crawled properties mapped”?

      • dmcelroy says:

        Hi Gavin. Yes, its set to include all. Its basically as it was in our 2007 environment, but we now us 2010. Thankfully we have premier support so ive raised a ticket. If its an interesting result i will leave a comment if i remember. good article though. Thanks

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