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Data import and ‘old’ dates

Running a data importing tool my team had developed I ran into this little gem: “Unhandled Exception: Microsoft.SharePoint.SPInvalidPropertyException: Date Times before 1/1/1970 are not supported”. What the hell? I’ve entered dates prior to 1970 via the UI before. A quick … Continue reading

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Visual Web Parts for SharePoint in the Sandbox

Get ‘em while they’re hot! Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools plus a sandboxed compilation to ensure you’re not accidentally calling outside of the allowed set of types and members.

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SPServices Helper Function: Resolve the Guid of a View

If you’re using the excellent SPServices library to wrap up access to the SharePoint web services from JavaScript, good stuff! If, like me, you want to query a View on a given list you’ll need to pass the Guid of … Continue reading

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SPEasy Setup Scripts: Gotcha!

A workmate of mine just recently used the SharePoint Easy Setup Script to setup a Windows 7 machine for SharePoint development. Upon trying to browse newly created Web Applications with host headers he was prompted to authenticate but these authentication … Continue reading

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Serving HTML5 Video from SharePoint Document Libraries

So you want to serve up some video content and use the <video> tag? Cool! You want to do it using video files you have in SharePoint? Cool, that shouldn’t be too hard. Unfortunately out of the box SharePoint 2010 … Continue reading

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Disable Mobile Redirection for a Web Application via PowerShell

So I’ve got a SharePoint site that is optimised for viewing in mobile browsers, problem is that OOTB SharePoint is trying to show the fugly “mobile view”. Now Waldek has a post about just this problem, in my case I’ve … Continue reading

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Provisioning Web Parts via the AllUsersWebParts element

Right, so you want to have a Page Layout that contains some web parts when a user creates a page using that layout. Cool, no problem, use an <AllUsersWebParts> element just like Andrew Connell blogs about problem is, if you … Continue reading

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Introducing the Cross Site Collection Search Configurator

While I was working at Intergen I was alerted to a small issue with configuring search keywords, best bets and synonyms. This simply being that they are set on a per site collection basis and there is no OOTB solution … Continue reading

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Turn off custom error pages in SharePoint.

There are a number of good posts out there that will tell you how to get useful, for a developer, error messages out of SharePoint. Useful things to know while attempting SharePoint Development A solution to “An unexpected error has … Continue reading

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SharePoint and Agile

Go together like a horse and carriage. Well, that’s my take anyway. I’ve been involved on a few SharePoint projects now that have taken a tradition approach, i.e. waterfall style, to the development of the customers desired end product. While … Continue reading

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