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Don’t get burned by Redis ConnectionMultiplexer; A sample wrapper

Every had a latent bug go undetected and then jump up and bite you? Yeah, not the nicest feeling. I’ve been working on a pretty interesting project that now makes use of Redis to provide a caching layer as the … Continue reading

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MVPComCamp: PowerShell Automation for Everyone

Last weekend around the world there was a global series of events hosted by Microsoft known as MVPComCamp. I was one of the people to present here in Auckland, New Zealand. I was speaking on a topic dear to me, … Continue reading

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Name ActiveX controls for public sites AKA go away name.dll prompt

So, I use Chrome, there I said it. They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it. Anyway when I’m browsing the web using what is, in general, a pretty good browser I’ll every … Continue reading

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SPDisposeCheck: Do not use for SharePoint 2013

I like many SharePoint developers out there I am user of SPDisposeCheck. My team and I use this as in our Continuous Integration builds as one of our quality checks on to determine if our code is passing the checks … Continue reading

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Practical Guide to Public Facing sites

This year I presented a second session at the New Zealand  SharePoint Conferences, on “A Practical Guide to Public Facing web sites”. As promised in my session here is the slide deck.

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Writing testable SharePoint code: New Zealand and Australian SharePoint Conferences

This year I was lucky enough to be invited back to present at the New Zealand and Australian SharePoint Conferences, this time on “Writing Testable SharePoint Code”. As promised in my sessions here is the slide deck and, more importantly, … Continue reading

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Setting up Visual Studio 2012 for SharePoint 2013

VS2012 Update 1 is great it adds the Microsoft Fakes framework for stubbing out SharePoint dependencies and other really useful tools for SharePoint development. If you’re using Visual Studio 2012 you should be using Update 1; but it doesn’t have … Continue reading

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VS 2010: Missing Source Control Icons

So I’m working on a project with a number of other developers at present. However every so often when another developer adds files to source control when they are added to my local solution they appear unbound to source control … Continue reading

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Create a Document Set in Code

I have a solution where we need to create custom Documents Set via code, luckily there are some good samples out there. However I ran into a strange piece of behaviour. My Document Sets were appearing as folders without Welcome … Continue reading

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SharePoint Search: Custom Managed Property Woes

So I was working on some custom search interfaces that my team had built and was getting the infamous “Property doesn’t exist or is used in a manner inconsistent with schema settings”. Now usually this means that you’re trying to … Continue reading

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