Document Set Limitations and Considerations in SharePoint 2010

First of all, go and read the excellent article Document Set Limitations and Considerations in SharePoint 2010 written by Michal Pisarek.

Ok, you’re back and have read all those? Great! I’ve got a few more for you.

  1. Shared Fields are push down only:

    If you go into a document within a document and edit a property which is set as a shared property for the Document Set that change does not get propagated to the either the containing Document Set or to other documents within the set. If you need to change these across the entire Document Set you must make the change to the Document Set itself and then SharePoint will propagate these changes down.

  2. Versions have to be declared:

    Despite the fact that a Document Set itself can have metadata which users change there is no automatic tracking of changes made. You must use the Capture Version functionality manually to record changes made against the metadata at a Document Set level.

  3. No Check-In/Check-Out functionality:

    The notion of check-in/check-out does not apply to Document Sets. This kind of makes sense when you consider that they are just special folders and a check-out at the folder level would imply that they user had also checked out all child documents. But it’s a little annoying, especially as there is metadata against the Document Set which users can freely edit with no automatic version history captured.

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4 Responses to Document Set Limitations and Considerations in SharePoint 2010

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  2. Lisa Atarian says:

    I’m creating a SPD workflow that is applied to a Document Set content type. There is a workflow action to Capture the Version of the Document Set. However, it seems like the placement of the action causes workflow errors. Also, if I try to add more than one Capture Version action, the entire workflow fails. Do you have any insight as to why this happens, or what my options are to manage it?

    • gavinbarron says:

      Sorry I’m not a great expert on workflows. Do you have the specific error message?
      A guess would be that your workflow is attempting to capture a version of the document set but something has happened to your document set since the work flow got a reference to the document set.

      Sorry that’s probably not that helpful, but if you get back to me with more info I may be able to help.

  3. Techaholica says:

    I was having issues with Document Set workflows as well. One problem was I had set it to capture minor versions when my library was setup to only version major versions. Another issue was when I did get the workflow to run, it captured 10 consecutive versions for some reason. I think it’s a bug. Anyway I found a workaround to that issue:

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