Browser Caps for WP7 as a Mobile Device

So, people are using the Windows Phone 7 browser now, I’m one of them; I love my WP7. Anyway OOTB SharePoint doesn’t recognise the this as a mobile browser. So I had to edit the compat.browser file ( %WebAppRootDir%\ App_Browsers\compat.browser ) to make SharePoint recognise this browser as a mobile one.

After I had a few trial and error attempts I thought that you all might like to see what a valid setting for this looks like:

<!-- Case: Windows Phone 7 phone using MSIE-->
<!-- User Agent: IE Mobile -->
<browser id="WP7" parentID="IE6to9">
		<userAgent match="Windows" />
		<userAgent match="Phone" />
		<userAgent match="OS" />
		<userAgent match="7.0" />
		<capability name="isMobileDevice" value="true" />
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