Office Dev Con Day 2

There were two keynote speakers this morning.

Rajesh Jha who spoke about the new Office Live Small Business offering, the idea here is to provide a suite of hosted of services that provide WCM, contact management and online sales systems targeted toward small business. Rajesh also announced the free developer licences available via

Gurdeep Singh Pall talked about Unified Communications and had some fantastic demos to show how the unified communications framework can improve productivity and add value to customer interactions.

Paul Swider spoke on SOA and MOSS, covering off some of web services that are provided out of the box and how to look at implementing SOA interoperation between MOSS and other applications. The exciting one for me is great potential for leveraging the search web service to provide enterprise search within other applications.

Next I went to a session presented by Alex Malek and Chris Johnson where they showcased the VSeWSS 1.1 that were released today. This version of the extensions provides a large number of bug fixes, new item templates and almost full control of the generated WSP via the WSP builder tab. Apparently the next scheduled release will be v1.2 in June 2008 which will add support for Visual Studio 2008 πŸ™‚

Edit: Also available now, the first release of the User Guide for VSeWSS 1.1 in which I am credited as one of the authors πŸ˜€ There are quite a few people who are excited that there is good documentation available to support these tool.


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