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SPServices Helper Function: Resolve the Guid of a View

If you’re using the excellent SPServices library to wrap up access to the SharePoint web services from JavaScript, good stuff! If, like me, you want to query a View on a given list you’ll need to pass the Guid of … Continue reading

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SPEasy Setup Scripts: Gotcha!

A workmate of mine just recently used the SharePoint Easy Setup Script to setup a Windows 7 machine for SharePoint development. Upon trying to browse newly created Web Applications with host headers he was prompted to authenticate but these authentication … Continue reading

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Serving HTML5 Video from SharePoint Document Libraries

So you want to serve up some video content and use the <video> tag? Cool! You want to do it using video files you have in SharePoint? Cool, that shouldn’t be too hard. Unfortunately out of the box SharePoint 2010 … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2010 SP1 is out, but wait there’s more!

So SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 is available for Download. The SharePoint team are also shipping a June 2011 CU with a bunch of fixes that didn’t get into SP1 and it’s “ strongly recommended to install the June 2011 … Continue reading

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Running SharePoint Timer Jobs from PowerShell

From time to time you need to execute a given SharePoint timer job now. Sure you could go into Central Admin, find it and run it manually, but where’s the fun in that? Plus sometimes you need to automate this, … Continue reading

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Browser Caps for WP7 as a Mobile Device

So, people are using the Windows Phone 7 browser now, I’m one of them; I love my WP7. Anyway OOTB SharePoint doesn’t recognise the this as a mobile browser. So I had to edit the compat.browser file ( %WebAppRootDir%\ App_Browsers\compat.browser … Continue reading

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Disable Mobile Redirection for a Web Application via PowerShell

So I’ve got a SharePoint site that is optimised for viewing in mobile browsers, problem is that OOTB SharePoint is trying to show the fugly “mobile view”. Now Waldek has a post about just this problem, in my case I’ve … Continue reading

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